Mercedes Benz


Sprinter Example Seats

The balanced combination of comfort and security in the vehicle's interior plays a particularly important role in SPRINTER's success.  In the design of our seats we pursued the objective of placing particular value on these two components.

Comfort is given the highest priority in our SPRINTER series - both in regard to our standard seats and comfort suspension seats.  It starts with the cushioning: Between the foam cushion and the upholstery there is a layer of flies-material, this increases the breathability of the seat and significantly improves the seating climate.  The driver experiences less uncomfortable perspiration, which translates into more awareness and concentration on driving and road conditions.

More freedom of movement is gained through the greater vertical adjustment of the seats and additional headroom.  The continuous height adjustments offer optimal seating settings to meet the individual needs of the driver.  Standard armrests for the driver and passenger seats take pressure of the driver's back and provide the driver with an ergonomically supported sitting comfort, which supports proper circulation throughout the driver's back.  The ergonomic aspects of the seating system are rounded off by supporting the driver with an integrated mechanical suspension system.  This ISRI innovation dampens the effect of the unevenness of the road and the detrimental load oscillations that cannot be avoided during breaking are reduced.  As such, not only is there a significant improvement in seating comfort, but we pay particular attention to the health of the driver.

The 3-point safety belt system increases safety.  All the seats, including the passenger seats, and the back bench, are equipped with the 3-point safety belt system.  A wide array of optional integrated seat extras designed to improve the driver experience are available as accessories.

A functional highlight is the integrated folding table into the seat extension, which provides the driver everything he needs during breaks, the excellent handling and the appealing design leave no wish unfulfilled.  An additional benefit is the additional storage space under the foldout seat extension, which keeps stored items dry, clean, and secure.