Пример сидения для Ducato

For us, meeting the requirements and needs of our customers has top priority.

The ISRI seats, which are used for example in the vans of our customer FIAT, impress with greater freedom of movement thanks to the generously designed lengthwise adjustment as well as the additional headspace gained through this design. The variable height adjustment allows for optimal adjustment of the seat according to the size of the respective driver. Armrests on both the driver and passenger seats are included as standard and ease the strain on the back of the driver, thus allowing for an ergonomic sitting position.

The ergonomic aspect is perfected by our integrated mechanical vibration system. Any unevenness of the road is damped by this ISRI innovation and reduces the harmful vibration. We have thus not only improved sitting comfort, but also paid great attention to the health of the driver.

The result: 20 individual seat positions that support the driver in every driving situation.