Actros Seat

The ISRI seating program for ACTROS was specifically designed and developed to meet the needs of the long haul driver.
The Climate-Comfort Suspension Seat by ISRI meets the highest long haul driver’ standards and can also be installed for the passenger. The seat cushion and the backrest are particularly wide, the higher level of seating comfort guarantees more relaxed hauls and higher quality of relaxation during breaks. Many functional highlights such as active climate control from the S-Class (A combination of two-level seat heating and active ventilation) to regulate the seating climate, but also the new height adjustment of the 3 point seatbelt system integrated into the seat offer the highest comfort to the driver during the entire haul with the added benefit of supporting drivers‘ health.  

To meet the trend toward solo drivers a new function seat was developed for the passenger seat. The seat cushion can be flipped up and offers additional space, which can be used to change before and after a rest break. The backrest can be flipped onto the seat cushion, creating more space for the bed area.
Naturally, the Climate Control Suspension Seat can also be installed in the AXOR and the ATEGO. In total, ISRI offers more than 100 different seat types for the Mercedes Truck Program (ACTROS, AXOR and ATEGO as well as UNIMOG, ECONIC and ZETROS) There is an optimal solution for every driver and each driver workplace specific to their specific jobs.