MAN V8 Seats

ISRINGHAUSEN has designed and developed a new seating family with different options for the MAN TG Series.

All seats offer air suspension, quick release, integrated headrest, a 3 point belt system with a longer belt, adjustable suspension, 100mm height adjustment, and self locking backrest adjustment. The negative seat cushion tilt adjustment also allows smaller drivers to adjust their seat to an optimal position.

Additional adjustment options for optimal seat adjustment – depending on the seat variant - are for example: shoulder adjustments, lumbar support with side contour adjustment (IPS), height stop mechanism (MFH), activate horizontal suspension, seat cushion depth adjustment (SKTE) and horizontal adjustment with an addition seat position adjustment track for the sleeping position.

The Super Luxury Vent with its active ventilation offer drivers relaxed and comfortable driving cabin climate at all temperatures and reduces drivers’ physical stress.

The active ventilation creates a comfortable micro-climate in a defined comfort range and increased security for all.
Of course the Super Luxury Vent also has a heater for the cold seasons.
The Super Luxury Vent is available in a velour upholster, leather or in high quality leather with the exclusive V8 design.

For the passenger we offer our matching Super Luxury Relax Seat, which offers a multitude of settings, a soft extra thick cushioning, and a continuous adjustable ergonomic neck rest, ensuring a comfortable resting position.