IVECO Example Seat

ISRINGHAUSEN has designed and developed a new seating family with different options for the IVECO EUROCARGO and STRALIS series.  
The new family is equipped with a static seat in Standard and the air suspended seat is offered in Comfort and Luxury editions.

All air suspended seats are equipped with fast lowering, and the driver seat is also equipment with automatic lowering, which provides for easy entering and exiting of the vehicle. In addition, the seats are equipped with integrated headrests, a 3 point belt system, adjustable suspension, 100mm height adjustment, and self locking backrest adjustment. The negative seat cushion tilt adjustment also allows smaller drivers to adjust their seat to an optimal position.

Further adjustments for optimal seat adjustment – depending on the seat variant - are for example: lumbar support with side contour adjustment (IPS), height stop mechanism (MFH), activates horizontal suspension, seat cushion depth adjustment (SKTE) and horizontal adjustment.

We have equipped the seat with seat heating for the cold months of the year.

The seats are available in fabric, vinyl, or leather – specific to their purpose.

We offer a cushioned/air suspended swivel seat for the passanger.